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You MUST Have Dysphoria (looking for opinions on this, please provide)Sam31418405
Seeking Advice - Intimacy with the BFTiLiJay879225
Do/did you have voice dysphoria?PurpleWolf21559
Coming Out and Family Issuesbluetrebleclef2121
The body part that causes you the most dysphoria atm?PurpleWolf29519
Which is worse for you: social or body dysphoria?PurpleWolf6134
Poll: Do you like your vagina?PurpleWolf23614
started hormones back in september...just not the right oneshauntpsych3156
Accepted trans feelings, but unsure and confusedvenus1115
Is dysphoria really unfightable?Laura M. J.16446
Poll: Do you have bottom dysphoria?PurpleWolf21588
Physical/Biological Effects of Gender Dysphoria?Allie243320
Were you 100% sure? Can you be 100% sure?NinaW33897
Having Children Pre-TransitionAllie2430929
I do not like the term "gender dysphoria" :/Allie24421056
Heavy-duty TuckingAllie2413491
I am trans? Do I trans? (a thread for my thoughts)Rachel 824419
Physical/Neurologic Symptoms of Sex Dysphoria-Is this why I am Chronically Ill?Coyotesdawn2193
Gender Odyssey was incredible, but...Rachel 8210577
Dysphoria and Worrying about my future.GraysonIsVeryConfused6348
I feel like I don't know myself anymoreRikez4362
I need to tips for getting myself ready for GRSalice12346496
I trigger my FtM boyfriend's dysphoriaForeverhopeful41001
Running On Empty!jessicariddhi151198
Gender Dysphoria after seeing a pregnant woman today. I want to give up/die.BlackBird1995480
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