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Transgender talk / Re: choosing a new name
« Last post by KathyLauren on Today at 08:01:25 am »
Everyone's name process is different. 

I wanted a name that was unambiguously feminine and that was "normal" for my generation.  My handwriting is terrible, so I wanted one that would not require me to change my signature too much.  (Weird requirement, I know!)  My old name was Keith, so I chose Kathy.  I picked the nickname first and decided later whether it would be Katherine or Kathleen.  I went with Kathleen.  I liked that Keith (Scottish) and Kathleen (Irish) are both Celtic in origin, reflecting my ethnic heritage.

My middle name, Lauren, is a feminine version of my old middle name, Lawrence.
Polls / Re: What made you come out?
« Last post by JamesG on Today at 07:58:23 am »
When I realized that I didn't (have to) GAS what anyone else thought.   Not sure which category on the poll that is. LOL.
Polls / Re: What made you come out?
« Last post by CynthiaAnn on Today at 07:51:22 am »

Silly, but it means so much to me.


I don't think it's silly to want to be remembered as your true self Ryuichi. I totally get this vibe from the other direction. I want her to be remember for what she did when I'm gone.

C -
Danielle, I am not a bit surprised that you had so many people show up for your snack and dessert open house.  Your sparkling personality will do that!

I chainsawed out some shrub stumps in an area where we want to build a deck.  Then I took down a section of fence where we need an excavator to come in to prepare for the deck building.  I tried to lift the remaining fence post out of the ground with a bottle jack, but it turned out to be embedded in a concrete block.  No wonder I couldn't budge it even after lifting it eight inches!  I fired up the chainsaw again and it was history.

Today I start work on my taxes. :(  Our deadline is the 30th.
It can be hard to reject society's gender identity programming. Even harder when you go "off script" and interacting with society can be... awkward.  Giving up "male privilege" (and I hate that term) is a thing too.

Physical changes can be startling too. Feminization in the abstract is one thing, seeing boobs form etc. esp. when they don't match your (pop cultural) expectation ("wait, I'm supposed to be a sexy princess not a grandma!"). Seeing physical change in yourself I think sets off something in our "lizard brains". It triggers second thoughts and doubt.

The above are what I think cause a lot of people to quit transition or delay it for years and years. Not to mention the mental health problems that plague transfolk and the non-binary.
I have experienced nil side effects other than breast growth.
In a few words you are a trapped woman in the closet.

Not trapped, the door is open. I am out 24/7 everyone that matters knows and a lot who don't matter. I do express a lot .. to the point of being told, "You're such a girl" in fun for the way that I respond to some things.

No, this is deeper. There is more to her yet fear keeps her from stepping completely through the door. Despite how much I know, how much I admit,  and how far I've come, I believe self-acceptance is still the biggest hurdle for me.
The litany for fear is indeed worthy! Dune is favourite of mine too.

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Transgender talk / Re: Sarah's New World
« Last post by sarah1972 on Today at 07:17:15 am »
5 days!!!

Wow, it has been five days already since I had GRS... Amazing how fast time flew. I am still down in NC, spending most of the time on a couch with ice packs. They have helped to keep swelling down but. am still pretty bruised up and there is all this healing sensation which can get quite overwhelming at times. I need to watch my hydration and it is easy to just stay on the couch all day, but a girl has to also care for herself.

Thanks, I have my dear @Jayne01 around to keep me moving and motivated. 2 more days until I can start E back up and 3 more days before I get the packing removed and meet "my 3 new friends" for the first time.

All I can say is that there is a lot of new and interesting sensation going on down there... ;D ;D ;D

So much for now...



Fun and Games / Re: Single Word Association Game 6.0
« Last post by CynthiaAnn on Today at 07:11:17 am »
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