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UK chest masculinasation surgery in need of private doctors names/numbersTheCampbellMan4163
Finding reliable source of T in Ontario, Canadahexr2174
Told GP todaystacie19708321
Find Healthcare ProvidersspringVA1143
Kaiser West LA (Los Angeles)bjaiy1122
Have you ever been to a gynecologist?PurpleWolf9827
Does T out you at the doctor's office?PurpleWolf3337
Second Trachea Shave SuggestionsEmmaAGBonano1353
body changes before hrtTiffanysgirl71299
Advice and resources for finding a general practitionerpopa9100704
Surgeons successfully used for FFS?bew153315129
Did the Nurse measure my height wrong? PeterSteele32490
Transitionning on Low Dose/ HRT still living as Male?Effervascence62512
Moving to the east coast of NC, looking for trans friendly doctorKoreyMatthew1792
The Big Daylindagrl161324
Breast Augmentation Giuseppina2897
Dr. Brassard, SRS...waiting game, help?journey192735
Got my referral letter, How do I go about finding a doctor?Valkria0171620
Doctor rantLorlor91667
My Doctor Is An A**hole! Help???delalexandre92292
Anyone Been to Dr. Dugi?Rose City Rose146410
Choosing a therapist/doctor.Equestriaghoul3872
Endo in Florida?darkfox912942
Finding DoctorsTheGraciousOne2859
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