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Will I be disqualified from surgery if....Curious_Sprout3155
Post-op Life Sexuality and RelationshipsSarah1594
Selective Mutism as I hate my voice LaurenSparkle7225
Dysphoria Side Effectsviolentabyss2308
Your ghost from the past?PurpleWolf8402
Things transitioning didn't change after all?PurpleWolf16770
GRS Anxieties... Drawbacks vs. Rewards...Allie24161107
Anxiety dreams?Lady Sarah4710
Afraid to come out, and not even 100% sure if I want to be transErosNightleaf101133
Dissociation and AnxietyDaria670507
Help! I am having dissociative episodes and don't know what to do!Daria67101298
Anxiety and Dysphiora and a Dr. visit alice12342856
Kicked out of bathroom at Walt Disney WorldDaria67183334
Coping with GRS/SRS anxiety...vrt62448
Working in Boy Mode: Anxieties, How long will I pass as male, etc.AoifeJ81820
Hypochondriac on Estrogen Looking for ReassuranceShell Dae162697
Pre-surgery jittersAnxietyDisord3r41127
Taking T and sleep disturbance?AnxietyDisord3r8989
Transgender safe holiday destinations?jessicag66006
On Love, Fear, and being true to your own nature.Simon T81751
Had to stop taking T, how long before it's "out of my system"KevinSeven41594
Am I a Bad Daughter?Jelly-Bean84157
Anxiety from being trans* and lack of progresswolfduality7934
Anxiety Causing Questioning?Contravene4715
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