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I Shall Be WholeEntropic Variable21520
Acceptance by significant long did it take?Jessica_Rose13844
The harsh truth of mirrors.gwencook10482
Less dysphoria now ive accepted myself??gwencook1148
Danielle McGrogan Rises Against All Odds in Gender Transitionraw_dani1307
My parents accept me, but still get upsetShortMan3393407
hello everyone i've been here before now i just might stayEureka!flowers3308
Long time, no post...Wish it was better news, but I just need to vent.transguymac5428
Family not accepting me Lily_james16776
GF emjoi'd my legs !!!Rafaela2650
Friends and relatives can change their minds on acceptanceRaell71493
Jumping thru hoops for acceptanceAjcanine3931
Accepting a 70% female bodyjacques.trdx41950
A positive story about my Familysarahtokes31043
I have this new feeling...could that be hope?sarahtokes111594
Do I Look, or Could I Pass, as Female? 5.0stephaniec1999346571
Transgender in Trinidad and TobagoiKate13017
Acceptance into college has many meanings...Clueless6806
wife, husband, marriage, and the elephantmeganmichelle101889
How Do You Explain Non-Binary Identities So Others Can Understand?EchelonHunt11217082
Father spoke to mehandy101468
family issuesmythy31090
My journey of coming out to my Parents, Friends, and SchoolXenguy41513
Label for genitaliaMetroland142633
Unicorns and ElvesAntonia J01139
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