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When did you know? Child says they are transParentoftgtobe22669
How did you experience puberty?PurpleWolf251043
Wanting to start transitioning but, then few weeks later second guessing?PeterSteele14973
Binding Health Complicationsnanospirt1315
Transgender Animeazarath990462
T-1 month until 18th birthday. Freaking outazarath991521
Reasons why I dislike my school PeterSteele7749
Forced to go on birth control PeterSteele331694
Am I trans? - lost my virginityAlex1588112227
New medium gc2b binder very painful to wear?andio31908
Am I trans enough to transition?Alex158871465
Coming out - Family and CollegeVVolfcub61200
Looking for guidance jackiemom61129
buying clothes and makeup for first time. xolovestephi101828
transgender questioning. help wanted. xolovestephi41143
Dating straight men - passable vs. non passablerichie11986
Am I transgender or a crossdresser?Alex158875608
What to do for a 13 year old FTM?PeterSteele21855
Modelling and transgender at 19, mtfHaradonia4996
Things to avoid during transition?richie82267
Can I hide my transition for five years?richie205113
How to change in the lockerrooms without getting suspected?charlesxavier61658
Estrogen blockers and T to grow taller?kal11354
15-year-old ftm online b/vloggers?kal81733
Emancipation - Is it right for me?JGarabrant2651
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