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My Vagina Is Not Within Inner Labia!Violet212494
Is the Pro-V Vagina Prosthetic legitimate?rachel_grr101493
Waking up with blood 3 & 1/2 weeks Post-Op SRSPostOpGirl20175846
Did your genitals bother you as a child?PurpleWolf301487
Did your vagina shrink on T?PurpleWolf4582
Guys: Have you been with a cis guy?PurpleWolf9785
Poll: Do you like your vagina?PurpleWolf362014
Poll: Do you have bottom dysphoria?PurpleWolf211742
3 Years Post Op & The Results are beyond fantasticnicolegn764404
Tiight, Dry, Painful Vaginaangiedream315103
My Surgery with Dr. McGinnFashionite92426
Girlfriend is suicidaljacques.trdx51469
Girlfriend in dire needjacques.trdx1834
SRS with Suporn, and Post-Op Odorpoisonivy125440
TOTAL disappointment about anatomy of my op result!!! (pic)2124abc2010256
Douching devices... Monkeymel21234
Prosthetic vagina'sbeth223130850
Oestrogen or Progesterone for vaginal dryness? Which!?boddi102961
New kind of surgery needed....badly!adison184640
Label for genitaliaMetroland142661
Objective comparison between Dr. Suporn and Dr. Chettawut's SRS techniques.srsresearch2332047
Post-op Vaginal Tightness and What to Do about itCordialSunset47889
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