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Detransitioning then Transitioning back?doryirl6556
Question about stopping TSeptagonScars17775
[23 MTF] Stopping HRT after 3 weeks, When will things return to normal?rejoycemurphy4738
Have you ever had fears about detransitioning?PurpleWolf321297
i regret detransitioning, even though i understand why i did...jinepyaw3544
Stopping Testosterone, question about weight change?toxicmetalexpo5899
Detransitioning and looking for advice from MtF individuals?Nathanos83738
I'm feed up with all the negative stuffs the T-community says about detransitionSebby Michelango91966
Why are some people against detransition?Sebby Michelango122763
Not sure on continuing HRT after 5 monthslori2561606
Voice Problems... Stopped T in March 2014ChaoticTribe21926
De-Transition?? somewhatParkhockey270655
detransition, suicide, jealousy, self mutilationmelbunny293976
hello there, need thoughts and support, detransition, ftmtf, BPD?jaune.lynn11708
I'm a happy woman, so why do I think and talk about my abysmal past so much?finallyRandiGirl@572931
Mixed up and not sure where I am going *trigger warning*Antonia J81762
The Pain of Watching a Detransitionmsrobyn-alice113730
Earth: Officially Shatteredinteralia121862
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