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FTM - thinking about getting back into sports, and I'm terrified. BINDERS??kaijp165
"when being a woman or feminine is miserable: the fears of transitioning or not"Undead Cat3233
Girlfriend of trans guy in need of someone to talk toStarburst13439
Mtf hrt face asymmetry.EmmaYui2144
Casting your vote with ID showing F picture and gender .... bad feelsVethrvolnir12389
Been a long timeavery123389
Insurance and Prior Authorization for T?abruptlyjunkless4291
Been a long time, and a lot of progress (ftm)avery1234153
Fitness FTM, improving your processnotaprofessionaljustapro2116
Hi Nice to Find this Resourcenotaprofessionaljustapro7117
May The 4th Be With You! Yes, I'm a Geek. So, I Came By To Say Hi...BrumbleBronze3161
Favorite Urinal you've peed inpopdewd12414
Things I wish I knew before getting Top SurgeryPink2Blue3259
chest sensitivity increasing on T ftmvolka5195
ftm: just feeling really downHellboi7228
Hello I am Seththemadhare9284
What do you look like? POLLjesse13523577
FTM questioning, stressing, driving myself insane. F_P_M5243
Finding a Job when Transgender? (FTM)ratkingleo5210
2.5 years T, almost no changes?AmbiE6329
What "Manly" Thing Did You Do Today? Come Tell Us About It!Ryuichi1321714
My male name is Marc, my female name is JulieMarcSteele5190
New here! Hellohpfan.jake234144
Yo I’m Theo!Theoj5154
Top Surgery Concerns ThatGingerDude3259
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