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"when being a woman or feminine is miserable: the fears of transitioning or not"Undead Cat3233
Did anyone here have conflicting thoughts on transistioning?shawn183321900
Ffs alternatives?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans1375
What is my gender? am I genderfluid?Greendayfanxx5361
What am I? help...Greendayfanxx3426
Help me figure out what I am?Greendayfanxx7399
What is your genderfluid routine?Batrachiarch1412
Hello. I think I'm genderfluid.Batrachiarch3213
Back again - now with 100% more fluidityBT046532
i don't want to be genderfluidmcdienalds6559
Transitioning without transitioning. Any advice?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans71064
Double mastectomyIncognitoMo5628
genderfluid or genderqueer transition hrt Undead Cat151876
My Gender Identitykaleidoscope_heart113048
Boy who is a girl who is a boy who is a... unicyclist?purpleshiny132057
Genderfluidity and Lots of Confusionphfatbeatrice2524
How does one lead a Genderfluid life?dori161265
Hi everybody :)November Fox6590
Can anyone explain what dysphoria feels like for them? I'm still so unsure.MichelleZelda111044
Your gender not taken seriouslyRedcarpet1200112259
genderfluid people and meHecknado1538
Well, I'm back and confusedBlaineGame51375
I have no idea whats going on. Please help.skylarNY71317
questioning my gender I don't know up from down help pleeeasesoconfused1221056
Afraid of being excludedmisslyradawn51151
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