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Wedding in 4 monthsLana_3156
HIV testing: do you need to declare?Sour0064202
I need some help any advice would be nice Male to FemaleFantasiart2215
Family and Using the wrong name plus surgery wait times.LaurenSparkle7272
help with waiting?buglemouse1134
Doing im when supposed to be doing subq?????Razord3185
Questions about my eventual MtF transition - I'm new to this, helpHighDefinition-Dragoness11536
Year Twods19876301
What should I do?Elizabeth35703242
Panties for non tuckingMinakoSakumishi71012
Bad reaction to testosteroneAcht5368
Seeking Thoughts About A Name I'm QuestioningSam3149360
Male to "hermaphrodite" Update and revelationshermaphrodite-dragon292993
I'm almost there but I don't feel a happy embraceLittleAshley10433
Male to "hermaphrodite" suggestions and helphermaphrodite-dragon16861
New to this, looking for advice skyguy0752206
Advice needed, I have no idea if I'm trans or notDaisy71311502
Bienestar in East L.A. (Transgender Support Group)Asakawa1291
feeling stuckbexxyab11584
Questioning gender identity, any thoughts?Unsocialist6372
FtM workout regimen? Outpostt313727
Hello ;-;Davy5287
Coming out to my Father and His Wife (not my mother)Jessies_Girl1353
Is this the right place to ask?Juniper Autumn8599
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