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Who does everyone like to listen to MunaFan86027
Extreme MusicSam314221030
My first crack at doing a Remix! Any comments?nightingale951408
Share you music tips and attempts heretsukiyoarts0329
Wrabel's video the Village with trans actorgrrl1nside0322
Yo, yo, yo (...yoyo?)NonServiam5652
Writing music?maksim232890
What song is this?PeterSteele31192
Want to be heard? Over here!Roses and Songs183601
My new trans-jazz projectKerryJK11240
Favourite Trans Artists?femonymity0714
World Premiere: Orchestral music, dedicated to Leelah & all trans* childrenHalcyon82581
Interview with Seattle Trans Musician, Claire Michelle.ClaireMichelle1882
Muisic as a trigger for Dysphoriasarahtokes152663
Opera SingerAuntiePatty0656
Top 5 Musical Artists/Bands?Lylapanda121874
Music and TransitionThePersona1867
A troubled singeryasmin-cha1668
Music you are listening to now 3.09303102171152926
Are there any easy songs to sing that help you develop a female voice?Slushysky71959
FFVIII - Balamb Garden Theme OrchestralFeyru294179
First Listen: Against Me!, 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues'JustEmily172760
Giving up an activity for a job?Yukiko61552
Herro HumansCrumbling Heart1882
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