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Unsuccessful SRS by ChettawutWife_UK7247
Breast growth affected by pushup bra?Dee_Tal7287
Been living as NB for a while, now I think I'm MtF? Need to chatNBOrNotNB?10223
I always cry when someone offends me Hammymrz3192
Happy Birthday Ava!Jessica4123
"when being a woman or feminine is miserable: the fears of transitioning or not"Undead Cat3229
Mtf hrt face asymmetry.EmmaYui2144
My face skin become allergic to sun after HRT Hammymrz4148
What (who's) voice would you like? Therapy stuff!HappyMoni521023
Why is my boy odor came back after switching to Androcur ( cyproterone acetate )Hammymrz2157
Has anyone had surgery with Dr. Nicholas Kim in Minneapolis, MN? Dak13362121
Ava's Journey, Unwrapping the True Me.AvaNovum11491
wo do you NEED to accept you?Mariabella8250
After reading posts for 5 years, decided to join and share experiencesEstoni936143
Traveling the world on HRTShania_M897264
SRS Revision SurgeriesViolet3216
Convincing Reasons For SRS Revision SurgeryViolet2369
Stretched Skin In Vaginal OpeningViolet2433
Greetings Everyone!Canerfice7156
Fill this post wtih positive stories happening during transition! I'll startMarcieelizabeth2160
2 months on HRT ( self medicating ) Hammymrz4271
What's your favorite bra?Lady Sarah291074
Increased body hair growth on hrt mtfLenaDM3172
whats the waiting time for sperm storage on NHS?EmmaYui1116
Really Stuck with gamete storage MTF EmmaYui5274
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