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New to this so bear with me: help looking for surgeons zoee00004168
He said YES! Now what?!?Rae3212220
Alison's Transition Adventuresalisons277
Transition ExperiencesAlyxzandriah11315
Letting go. Finding happiness in authenticity Finding Lauren161
Pre loading testosteronenike0074144
Part time social transitionRussngrl7325
Unwelcome HelpFollowTheFellow1144
Breasts Have Stopped Hurtinglaurenlucy5329
On MermaidsBattle Goddess5243
Androgel burning when applied? doryirl3178
Thoughts on Round Vs anatomical breast implants rose7605
Jaime’s misadventures with a bit of random thoughts. Jaime320461050
Detransitioning then Transitioning back?doryirl6467
10 Months on Testosterone Voice Comparison ehrhyse7247
Dear cisgender people; about that misgendering...Michelle_P201065
my coming outVeracious Valerie6333
Donica's She ShedDonica2516435
Clit enlargement creams / methodsgiorgi_IT31337
On becoming MariaMaria Procter11501
Thank you... for the help in the wrestling matchxuexue1350
MtF Doubtsema_m15504
To T or not to T, that is the questionneonorigami3371
Hello Everyone! - IntroductionValerian2216
Six Month Anniversary - Hormones!Valerian4385
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