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FTM or butch lesbian?Mitenka2331
Strained Marriagekgerzon01@gmail.com9541
Did you identify as gay/lesbian before realizing you were trans?PurpleWolf301379
Our Delicate LoveToni O0294
Dating feels impossibleSophia Sentiment81132
What persecution does a spouse typically face when suddenly perceived as gay?Raell71040
My fiance came out to me and I don't know what to do (lesbian, ftm)notramonaflowers62279
Womens Only groups in South west Englandjudithlynn0750
Was I wrong to end things?bemali132787
Confusion about FTM transition and sexual orientation and advice about a friendlady godiva142590
Ex crush, now in FTM transition: what should I do?lady godiva71290
Any advice? ArtIsTheWeapon31398
Binary Attraction Confusion: I love her and want him.pascalrascal41136
#TransLesbian Documentaryroxiey0930
MTF lesbian questionmiya5355681
I want to be a that bad?JynxRosalie4011182
My girlfriend's mom thinks my gf is trans just so she can date me? Help??J44154252
Sex toys for MTF lesbians? J4412212606
LGBTI Union in Turkeylgbti0759
help. lesbian couple, girlfriend wants to trans to male andronancy1312686
My New Book - Precious: New BeginningsPrincess Rachel21283
Dating SucksAnnahM182571
Top 14 Lesbian Moviesjudithlynn53392
starting to see results!Maggiee1771471
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