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What are the biggest clothing challenges you face as you begin transitioning?MystarrathePuck40745
Happy Birthday Ava!Jessica4123
Laramie Wyomingraina992111
Hi Tanvi here, tons of love from India <3Tanvi5101
Porn triggers dysphoria DominicDias8346
What (who's) voice would you like? Therapy stuff!HappyMoni521037
Ava's Journey, Unwrapping the True Me.AvaNovum11502
Been a long timeavery123390
wo do you NEED to accept you?Mariabella8252
Surgery AnxietyWinter021107
Hello I am Seththemadhare9284
Retrospective on Orchiectomy Six Weeks Post-opAvaNovum5483
New here! Hellohpfan.jake234144
Favorite trans-themed books? (YA, Adult, Fiction, Nonfiction..)fleurgirl193
IntroductionNaomi Lafae287
Insurance and Therapistluna4476235
Got my prescription and communication with my doctorluna4472141
Seeing the doctor tommorow (Feb 4th)luna4477198
AvaNovum's FFS ExperienceAvaNovum17860
Detransitioning shay123414610
Am I really trans? Lesbianism and Hormonesluna4474395
Thinking about transitioning (M2F)Joseph28334228
Should I start hormones?luna4478420
I need some help any advice would be nice Male to FemaleFantasiart2259
I'm really confused and need some serious advice-first postMalleableman7233
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