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Hello I am Seththemadhare9140
Retrospective on Orchiectomy Six Weeks Post-opAvaNovum5155
New here! Hellohpfan.jake234111
Favorite trans-themed books? (YA, Adult, Fiction, Nonfiction..)fleurgirl174
IntroductionNaomi Lafae258
Insurance and Therapistluna4476198
Got my prescription and communication with my doctorluna4472109
Seeing the doctor tommorow (Feb 4th)luna4477163
Detransitioning shay123414518
Am I really trans? Lesbianism and Hormonesluna4474342
Thinking about transitioning (M2F)Joseph28334191
Should I start hormones?luna4478346
I need some help any advice would be nice Male to FemaleFantasiart2215
I'm really confused and need some serious advice-first postMalleableman7187
Transgender - ADHD - and overthinkingEli_T_BE4229
Transwomen may soon be able to give birthjenpa7384
HRT in the UKblue.lotus19519
11 Months on T Update!ehrhyse0160
Overcoming shame.OhiaQuiet7247
FreeTom Robin Hood STP Review ehrhyse0276
M2F - Brainless Bimbo or Divine Goddess?Johnni Gyrl23969
Finding A Support Group In Amsterdamjessicariddhi082
protest, Louisville areagracefulhat1134
almost 16, starting to transition!andrew lee2226
somewhat new here?andrew lee3144
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