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Estradiol failed to impart feminine shape, back to testosterone... I'll explainJosephine8Alexandria18598
T and acne?Alex12315141
Insurance and Prior Authorization for T?abruptlyjunkless4286
chest sensitivity increasing on T ftmvolka5189
2.5 years T, almost no changes?AmbiE6325
Flying with Hormone TherapyHolden4263
Pre loading testosteronenike0074225
North Texas Endo Recommendations?ratkingleo3176
Hi, I'm MilesMilelias3137
IM T Injection Issues ?AxelM071161
Hairloss and seeking advice from people who have come off Tdeepsixed6393
11 Months on T Update!ehrhyse0208
Testosterone, smoking, vaping, and more! ftmblues7529
FTM: Concerns about still having female reproductive organsFTMjamie2217
Androgel burning when applied? doryirl3216
10 Months on Testosterone Voice Comparison ehrhyse7317
How to convince my parents T isnt dangerousOneDayIWillBeMe3297
Finding reliable source of T in Ontario, Canadahexr2207
Want to go on T, don't want the fat in my body to redistribute? ftmblues6477
Low Testosterone, High Libido? DarkButterfly2274
Hunger on TestosteroneShortMan3398738
Moving Abroad?mc12996384
HRT Frustrations (FTM)lemon5363
Motivations, Dreams, Arousal and HRTConfusedSarah2550
Freaking out! Help me please!Undecided24452
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