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Taking the plunge; and going full time advice ? living two livesCamillarose61410
First stepsJust_M343803
Hi, new girl from Rhode IslandEmilyClark91328
When did you start to inisit on correct pronounsElizabethK192193
I Have No Friends...LiterallyKing Phoenix173353
one weird weekdizzie41044
New FTM friendsRodgersl3191739
How do I truly come out in college? :) (both sexually and gender)Haradonia31267
Went to a support group in Berkely and an amazing thing happened.Shawn Sunshine1644
Swede want to make friends! (Espec if you too are from Scandinavia!)RebeckaJensen423340
I am horribly distraught and i can't take it at the momentShawn Sunshine131130
For Fun Calling all Video Gamers!Mr.Hayden7662
Stealth, coming out to close friendsMikeyG500233987
I need resources to give to friends and familysamblack2725
Don't you love it when your friends slip and misgender you in public?Julia-Madrid132009
Musings about communityJulieBlair61081
Coming out to friendsReubenIsTheName2738
Looking for other transgenders in bible belt !!fusstangtroy637043
My journey of coming out to my Parents, Friends, and SchoolXenguy41524
Transitioning in highschool?!Parkhockey2731115
Let me give thanksJamie D3788
Need FTM texting friends, please?James-Caiden-Ray41555
Looking for friends!!!JaredLeBlanc81407
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