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Breast growth affected by pushup bra?Dee_Tal7271
I always cry when someone offends me Hammymrz3188
ENDO increased me again, should I be concerned?Sophiaprincess20197305
Mtf hrt face asymmetry.EmmaYui2144
Emotion and sickness change while on HRT, am I cray cray?Sophiaprincess20194131
My face skin become allergic to sun after HRT Hammymrz4148
Sophia's transition updatesSophiaprincess20192130
Why is my boy odor came back after switching to Androcur ( cyproterone acetate )Hammymrz2156
Donating Plasmanotaprofessionaljustapro286
Insurance and Prior Authorization for T?abruptlyjunkless4287
Physiology of progesterone and no T Blockers KristySimsx19515
After reading posts for 5 years, decided to join and share experiencesEstoni936142
Traveling the world on HRTShania_M897262
Let's try this again...Jennifer887884165
Transdermal hrt questionFridayJones21530
Estrogen level drops after first 2 months, normal?Sophiaprincess201918388
Fountain of youthSophiaprincess20198382
wanting estrogen but not wanting breastschesley113211541
Women seem to react to me differently. You too?Ricki Wright20931
Greetings Everyone!Canerfice7156
Breast growth on HRTCanerfice16488
Hello I am Seththemadhare9281
2 months on HRT ( self medicating ) Hammymrz4267
Doctor setbackwildwood4209
Breasts... Taking care of the girls. Darlene601475
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