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If the major metabolic pathway of progesterone is reduction by 5α-reductase...Asakawa12564
Progesterone but unwanted Libido?Skarlettg8334
High estrogen or balanced hormones? Which is better for transitioning?ashw7532
Help! I'm getting stretch marks on my hips!Asakawa10705
Whither Moobs?MsAllannah1!9861
Boob development prior to starting pellets and progesteroneMsAllannah1!6448
progesterone and androgens and masculinization Undead Cat4986
solo progesterone Undead Cat131019
Prometrium - progesterone capsulesGingerMaxim182289
My progesterone experience and verdictiKate526294
My insurance is denying my medication...saying that GID is not a valid medicalShawn Sunshine211304
Serious depression after increased Estrogen and adding Progesteronenovumdiex9133077
Slow breast development 4 months in, added Progesterone. A few questions.novumdiex9285056
Progesterone and band sizeChloëAri131090
Two weeks of HRT...getting my first hormone panel done tomorrow since starting!!RidingTheTigerFEMME1922
Reduce rib cage widthsupersilk981935000
HRT Mythsdanni88914326906
Progesterone and Androcurdanni889178846
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