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post op vaginal tightness a possible solutionduffymali1191
Pain After Moving Up To Next Largest DilatorViolet11631
Anyone had a pelvic laparoscopy done? Please share your experiencesDoreen3417
Back on HRT, less cramping. Doreen6518
Life is getting too hardPeterSteele9569
Parents forced me on birth control (2 months on it so far)PeterSteele8712
breast diseases and conditions in MtF girlsUndead Cat5835
M2F Top Surgery/Breast Augmentation at the end of the month... Any advice?Pipes3698
3 weeks post op & traveling home.ARIA FAYE31072
Emotional abuse and bullying from my partners family.JessicaK232951
a plea for HELPuser1989131711
Family Issue PeterSteele112659
What can I do to make my Grandfather stop?PeterSteele61350
What is your dream height?PeterSteele182820
electrolysis on abdomen (belly) - how would you rate the pain?Carri F41079
How tall are you and do you have Height Dysphoria about it?PeterSteele609848
IPL NewbieRafaela31238
Uterine PainStormOfThorns2686
Pain During Sex for FtM Trans Partner, Help PleaseOutLoudBeat03767
Post-OP surgery-related poll and questions (hospital, procedure, pain etc) caliyr163144
HELP Chest and discoloring/chaffing Mr.Hayden31433
I am horribly distraught and i can't take it at the momentShawn Sunshine131105
All in a Rae's Day...Raelynn316389
Reference Point For Pain?Rose City Rose3862
Painful/burning clitoris?!?riotmonster136346
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