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Electrolysis and Independent Health Association Inc.LexiDreamer10309
Tucking trials and tribulationsAlanisIronicsette1115
ADHD DiagnosisMerm3106
Losing weight over 40 success, but lost other things.CindyLouFromDBQ6334
[23 MTF] Stopping HRT after 3 weeks, When will things return to normal?rejoycemurphy4654
Losing Face Fat?nightingale957400
Transgender people are born that way a new study has foundstephaniec191476
Dumping spiro completely? Thoughts on HRT without antiandrogens?Idaliaylix211921
mtf hrt and varicose veins?Ninelle2804
FTM Hormone Therapy Janus (he/they)4449
Breasts really sore from binding?andio72829
Advice and resources for finding a general practitionerpopa9100702
My name is Kyra and I'm a health coachViolentAurora2835
[HEALTH AND PSY] Anyone (has) experienced "abandoned child syndrome"?manila51159
Trans Health Insurance Coverage in a Company Located in Multiple Statesvanderpn2668
Gender identity stress bringing about health issues MRV354944
Air Quality for Minneapolis-St. Paul MetroLoved_PrincessMPLS0673
Anyone interested in a fitness accountability group? Dalibar31598
Gender Reassignment Surgery For Medicare Members - Effective Date on Jan 1, 2016Sheila_the_voice_within113412
Weight Loss and Overall Fitness (Help)smiling_wolfie31340
NY girls: Apicha vs Callen-LordeAbby S.31585
FTM Weight Loss questions??? Not Sure Which "Method" Is Most Efficient?delalexandre1713044
Pain During Sex for FtM Trans Partner, Help PleaseOutLoudBeat03759
Testosterone and IBS?ShyGuy53247
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