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Donations for Susan'sMs. Bee15433
Desperately need help / advice samsonavery2188
Saving money for surgical hair transplantsGalyo7420
Has anyone had any luck with gofundme donations for their transition?charlieusf6722
# of letters for FFS?HappyMoni133383
Medical Loans for Top Surgery AshtonRose62621488
It's been a little while... finally going to change my name...hairstyles?MichelleZelda31042
Donate testicles to science and receive money ?Jade.th92507
Name Change and Top Surgery (Money)smiling_wolfie202023
Am Having Worries about TransitioningCaduti Morte91145
Help from MTF girls!! What would be best for me?Sergmtf121307
How Often Do You Purchase Items on Amazon or Ebay?Malachite151883
Coming out to my parents..Temperance7869
What am I supposed to do?Temperance51110
How did / do / will you fund your transition?mandonlym408432
Financial QuestionsEmma19171934
Financial QuestionsEmma19170856
can mtf sell her breast milk anywhere for money???adison114542
Total cost of transition...are my estimates correct?adison102707
Need advice and some consolementAxis Langton133412
Fireworks and your stance on them....Malachite152953
Video Games: Catherine Review Malachite163716
The Power of Will?Malachite21464
So I Have A Therapy Date Set NowMalachite143246
Getting In Contact With A TherapistMalachite22774
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