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Electrolysis, Laser, or Follicle Scrape and surgery recovery timeLexiDreamer6148
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen222711
Question about hair removalVeronica S.6486
Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale954408
Had my first laser hair removal session two weeks ago...naa3325
Electrolysis ScarringOpheliaDL0366
Laser Hair Removal Near Dallas, TXGameDame0563
Ladies still with facial hair, help!!SailorMars1994191968
Tria lasernatalie.ashlyne51674
Anyone had success with Laser on Blonde or Red hair?LexiDreamer156915
Started Electrolysis TodayChristine1151425
grey hair beard removalannquance162713
electrolysis in Perth WA?Rafaela82660
Hi everyoneSarahElizabeth19811411701
How to Transition in Melbourne?RetroFuture82162
5 o clock shadow on upper lip, help?:( isabelxo52711
"5-o-clock-shadow" spots on the chin years after laser hair removal (black hair)charlotte15136241
Silk'n SensepilSarah leah31153
I tolerated laser well !! Shawn Sunshine241809
tomorrow is the big day I'm going to start my laser hair removal sessions!Shawn Sunshine161961
going to start laser hair removal on neck and face soon! helpful Doctor too!Shawn Sunshine0556
Preparing for the next phasejustjournalhonestly91436
Laser hair removal question !lilangel2958
Best Place to Get Laser Hair Removal in London?Sophie_850932
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