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I always cry when someone offends me Hammymrz3192
Newbie, hijet_silver8196
"when being a woman or feminine is miserable: the fears of transitioning or not"Undead Cat3229
To bind or not to bind ?Undead Cat068
Girlfriend of trans guy in need of someone to talk toStarburst13436
Mtf hrt face asymmetry.EmmaYui2144
My face skin become allergic to sun after HRT Hammymrz4148
Why is my boy odor came back after switching to Androcur ( cyproterone acetate )Hammymrz2157
Been a long timeavery123389
Been a long time, and a lot of progress (ftm)avery1234152
Hello, I had sex change surgery on February 18.qiaoyimeng4314
Does GenderGP prescribe stronger dosages? MTFEmmaYui3196
Really Stuck with gamete storage MTF EmmaYui5274
SRS Surgeons Kaiser Network North CaliforniaPRINCESA4286
Coming out to familyJimjam2362
10 Months on Testosterone Voice Comparison ehrhyse7318
New series Butterfly about a trans girlMaryT4325
almost 16, starting to transition!andrew lee2286
somewhat new here?andrew lee3197
"Transgender People Do Not Deserve Hiring Protections" Casejesse135341495
That TRANSient Lifeandylee5324
Wont find love being TransGreendayfanxx25992
What is my gender? am I genderfluid?Greendayfanxx5361
What am I? help...Greendayfanxx3426
Help me figure out what I am?Greendayfanxx7399
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