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Selective Mutism as I hate my voice LaurenSparkle7225
Voice feminization tips/guides?Whimsy5443
Questions for ladies who have had SRSVeronicaS10013666
Looking for some takes on voice therapyVeronicaS100111579
Can you evaluate my voice?jenpa13609
Voice: Switching back and forth between genders?sara9mm2486
Do/did you have voice dysphoria?PurpleWolf281846
My girlfriend’s voice is deeper than mine.PeterSteele3441
Voice Therapy in MelbourneMaiaOZ3534
Yeson post op adviceVictoria5983
My voice, then and nowjerica2742
FTM - Will I Lose My "Female" Range?linkmae4891453
Speech Therapy Experiences?RenegadeGirl162086
Voice Modification Therapy in Ft. Lauderdale and Lake Worth, FLmarcm22501737
Voice Drop on Testosterone?skyheff41235
Not sure if my voice passes, worried I sound "trans"saggy.sally6883
VFS: When did you start sounding normal after? 4yyyy111358
The suspense is killing me. Yeson voice center.. looking for younger patients.4yyyy31302
Using T for changing the vocal range (not transition)crystalship71362
Voice Help? Advice?zyz765151588
voice surgery in ukannquance0923
Voice Problems... Stopped T in March 2014ChaoticTribe21851
How does my voice sound? How can I improve further?Meera0810162410
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