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Thinking about giving upAngela H20303
What are the biggest clothing challenges you face as you begin transitioning?MystarrathePuck40759
Why is my boy odor came back after switching to Androcur ( cyproterone acetate )Hammymrz2158
Introducing Myself: My Name Is SharleneKSharleneK1191
One year in and very unsatisfied with breast growth!Angela H441348
Will I be disqualified from surgery if....Curious_Sprout3238
whats the waiting time for sperm storage on NHS?EmmaYui1118
Thinking about transitioning (M2F)Joseph28334229
Challenging personskipulus3283
I am female, so why is my body male?BlueStar482189
PodCasts anyone?ToniR7247
My Coming Out Letter On Social MediaJohnni Gyrl12690
Another Milestone Passed - Came Out In The Hair SalonJohnni Gyrl4327
Medroxyprogesterone been on it two years. Is it increasing my testosterone?servantofpan3272
THE WOMAN WITHIN [Poetry]JennaBadgyrl1325
The Journey to Jordy CW/TW mentions of abuse and suicide.oonawingedwolf1218
FTM or butch lesbian?Mitenka2415
I need to know what pre-HRT tests to ask for... NWAMichelle3289
Will these mental health issues prevent us from transitioning in Maine?MonikerPending5486
Body fat issues, Body fat distribution IBasicallyLiveOnTheWeb4555 journeyKaren03661356105
17 years old and lostpenguin8667
My Road To Sex Reasignment.MxPippaJones2256
My doctor needs guidancejessicariddhi3331
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