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Will I be disqualified from surgery if....Curious_Sprout3143
FINALLY getting bottom surgery!Rose City Rose8417
Dr. Jordan Deschamps-Braly MY EXPERIENCE QueenBailey2260
Trans surgery in BC (Canada)grrl1nside0135
Family and Using the wrong name plus surgery wait times.LaurenSparkle7266
Hello everyone - and advice wanted please regarding Revision Surgerylifeishard6251
UK MtF trans-folk who had FFS in the USA - I need your help! fluffyfrog10425
Best SRS surgeon in America for my case?falsemarriages4272
Is There a Such Thing as Facial Masculinization Surgery? "FMS"Ryuichi139584
GCS SurgeonsBriBriMW10662
Making That First Top Surgery Appointment Phone Call - FearsRyuichi134392
Tracheal Shavegracefulhat13437
Freaking out! Help me please!Undecided24396
How Honest are Trans-Specific FFS Surgeons?nightingale95321521
questions I should Boston Medical GCS surgeon (or that you wished you asked)transgirl347372
Non-surgical Browlift?nightingale955291
Interesting ProspectKittyKat7479
Chin surgery Blue1304445
I want a vagina most but not all of the time, no genital dysphoriaLeahJoFoxtrot392144
Why can’t you get penis lengthinf/enlarging surgery after Metoidioplasty?Kadenconrad3875
Consultation:about surgery at Yeson Voice Center to'people what are singers and teo13649
Post op FTM Top Surgery : graft failure?shiraz264685
(MTF) SRS scheduled in a month with Dr. Crane...have I chosen the right surgeon?luminous1012526
AZ SurgeriesDawnOday7464
Saving money for surgical hair transplantsGalyo7391
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