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Finding a Job when Transgender? (FTM)ratkingleo5149
North Texas Endo Recommendations?ratkingleo3144
Passing Questions (FTM)ratkingleo2127
Will I ever get over my fear of the men's room? (FTM)ratkingleo4182
Transgender - ADHD - and overthinkingEli_T_BE4227
FTM: Concerns about still having female reproductive organsFTMjamie2191
Hunger on TestosteroneShortMan3398522
Hey pals!Transmoranda8302
Minoxidil and facial hair growth- FTMTransmoranda2694
Pre-Surgery Englargementtransguymac7550
Why can’t you get penis lengthinf/enlarging surgery after Metoidioplasty?Kadenconrad3877
FtM workout regimen? Outpostt313717
Long time, no post...Wish it was better news, but I just need to vent.transguymac5426
Any non transitioners here? Mordekai fly4458
Getting taller on Ttransguymac91336
NAMES! How'd you choose / what are you going through trying to choose?transguymac602470
Hello everyoneCaduti_Corvo1439
Disappointed and suicidal.TBoyLogan61126
I really don't see a reason not to kill my self FtMtrash131521
My fiance came out to me and I don't know what to do (lesbian, ftm)notramonaflowers62279
Aunt now UncleBrotinn1603
Hair loss?Nathanos82761
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