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RIP Ronnie...SallyChoasAura2336
Encouragement to those who are suicidalPurpleWolf17850
Death or Greatness...jessicariddhi111118
Disappointed and suicidal.TBoyLogan61128
I really don't see a reason not to kill my self FtMtrash131522
FTM Help (big sob story)ItchyScratchy41399
Is it possible to sue my place of employment for triggering suicidal thoughtsl?Blackwaters4275772
Reasons to Live, *trigger*2cherry31264
Struggling with loneliness, isolation and ERPassionflower82354
Loneliness and Suicidal Tendencies in Trans Womenamani1770
California Mother Appeals for Support for Transgender Teens After Losing Son Sydney Spitfire2800
detransition, suicide, jealousy, self mutilationmelbunny293910
Echos Abound in the Silence of the Heartmrs izzy2663
Fleshmrs izzy0774
My boyfriend is in a lot of trouble, any help would be appreciated. RustedCrows132440
CBT and SuicideSatyrane61442
after a suicide attempt i finally realise life is worth livingveltiro164272
Please Help! One of our sisters posted video very serious! (Trigger warning)Shawn Sunshine7817396
help i feel like suicideveltiro204240
My parents told me it's just a phase and that I'm male. I feel that it is not.veltiro43112
"FTM" Having an Identity Crisis, Please Helpharrisonkutz61572
suicide after transitioninghappydays551512502
someone on you tube wants to end thier lifeShawn Sunshine112866
Ireland- Suicide in Trans Communities - New Data from the Mental Health & Well-bSandraJane0719
Study: Hundreds of teen suicide attempts go unreported - IsraelMadelineB01209
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