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What does being a woman feel like?PurpleWolf513418
Have you desperately tried to conform as your assigned sex?PurpleWolf19812
Our Delicate LoveToni O0296
I Crave FeminizationTheDarkQueenEmily4847
Voice, how to use the "apple" approach, and tone vs. noteAlicia_Alia10705
Forced to go on birth control PeterSteele331706
Can we talk about inner beauty? Sandboxed131716
Feminization testsamanta79405
Is my voice passable? / Considering FVSbailey_jess71362
FTMs and Feminine Expressionvanderpn123286
Comment by psychiatristMetroland132517
Is my face feminine ?Jade.th102830
Do I Look, or Could I Pass, as Female? 5.0stephaniec1999346503
Femine gay guy here, really depressed...Elysian Fields312675
Maybe I should stop dressing up! Seem to be getting more comments dressed down.Shawn Sunshine151329
Making hair grow faster.Equestriaghoul41504
I was clocked by a gal, but it was a good kind of clock!Shawn Sunshine121467
Does HRT change your band size? (Male to Female)TransKaty113978
please help merolfy666123288
Digit RatiosRose City Rose214484
Somewhat gender neutral, but slightly feminine black boots ?Sparks42295
ShawnSunshine:New Hairdo and healthier! Do i look more feminine now?Shawn Sunshine31295
Do I Look, or Could I Pass, as Female? 2.0VMVS1945340498
after a suicide attempt i finally realise life is worth livingveltiro164272
how much does it cost to transition in australia?veltiro512238
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