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Looking for support- Unsure about my gender?Peachie_Cola866
Deoafing and social normsKennedDoll034
Transition ExperiencesAlyxzandriah11317
Saying goodbye to the biggest triggerMariabella5213
Will I ever get over my fear of the men's room? (FTM)ratkingleo4188
Opening up before dysphoria diagnosis?Vanilla bean4168
Dysphoria blows, I feel like a chipmunk trying to be hulk hogan ftmblues5288
When does the discomfort you feel become distress to be diagnosed with dysphoriawiktor5341
Progesterone but unwanted Libido?Skarlettg8334
Musings on tolerance.JB_Girl4287
Need help with finding an "androgynous" haircut samsonavery12715
What should I do?Elizabeth35703242
A couple of quick questions for post-op ladiesVeronicaS100191432
Questions for ladies who have had SRSVeronicaS10013666
Signs in childhood?bluetrebleclef2250
Should I just give up? How should I cope. HelpHD106906b16671
Dysphoria Side Effectsviolentabyss2308
Anxiety over v-ectomySeptagonScars5498
Are you happy with your skull size?PurpleWolf18539
Will these mental health issues prevent us from transitioning in Maine?MonikerPending5433
What triggers your Gender Dysphoria?Sinead412373
Feeling Smothered As Hell!BrittanyRose4272
Do you still need to shave your face? Transfused15581
Am I really trans? (FTM) Mitenka111341
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