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Nipple sensation and binding

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Echo - I feel sensation much more strongly in my nipples wearing a binder.

Lol at least one of my nipples is always inverted after binding. I lost a lot of nipple sensation after nursing for a year or so. I do feel them a lot more (and they feel better) while binding.

This is really curious because I've noticed something similar... Whenever I bind, my nipples are erect (and afterwards, too) and sometimes they hurt. I still have sensation in them but if I pinch or twist them I don't feel much pain.

I experience the nipples are almost always numb after or while binding, unless I've been doing it for longer than usual (10+ hours) in which case they're just sore.

Although, mine are always inverted regardless of whether I've been binding or not - unless I'm cold or something. I don't know if that would affect sensation.

Mine are also much more sensitive when I'm binding.  I don't mind if I'm fooling around with a guy and he touches them, if I am.  Years ago, back in the "I'm going to try really hard at this whole "being a woman" thing" stage, when I was with guys and they'd touch them when they (obviously) weren't bound, it was like "Ok, you can play with them if you want, but don't expect me to actually know that you're there", so little actual sensation, unless they licked them too much and my nipples felt chapped, or they bit them, which would obviously hurt and would earn the guy a smack and a "If you like them *that* much, go get yourself a pair!".  I didn't run around topless that much as a child, not enough to get sunburned nipples or anything.  My guess is our brain clearly knows we're not supposed to *have* those things in the first place, so didn't think it needed to send out enough nerves to support anything bigger than normal male size.


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