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Transgender Youth needs help with basic makeup.
« on: October 14, 2005, 08:28:59 pm »
The following quote came from a post by Lessa in the Transgender Youth forum.

P.S. I need some help with putting on make-up so if someone could just tell me the basics either than lip stick and lip glose, but like the really powdery things.

Basic makeup for the TS or TV MtF should be understated to start. As a beginner you need to get accustomed to application and be aware of some basic feature differences. You should invest in a set of good blending brushes. Trust me they make application a much smoother operation.

You need a good concealer, foundation, contour blush, rose blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, masscarra, lip liner.

with concealor you are going to concentrate on under your eyes, the sides of your nose, under your nose between your lips and nose the corner creases between your mouth and nose and the area under you mouth to the bottom of your chin. You will blend these lower areas together. Under your eyes and the sides of your nose same thing. What you are doing here is making these areas disappear. De emphasize in essense. The nose of a typical male is larger than a womans as is the chin. Your objective is to make your nose look narrower and you chin less square.

Next you apply foundation. This you use on your whole face it creates the blank canvas on which you will paint a new face.

Next is countour. Your contour should be a flesh color not to dark for your skin. This is were using a department store makeup person to help select the right color comes into play. The contour is applied lengthwise from your jawline along the underside of your cheek. This is to make your jawline look narrower than it may already be. You also want to apply contour to your left and right temple

Next is the rose blush which is applied to cheek bones. the idea is to give yourself higher
cheekbones ( or at least the appearance). Using your foundation blending brush which you would have used when applying liquid foundation blend the contour and blush.

Eyebrow pencil light strokes on the eyebrows will color the brows without looking like you painted eyebrows on unless you have over plucked. On eyebrow plucking eyebrow stencils are great for getting just the right look.

Next is eyeshadow you will find some discussion on that in this forum with regards to color. To apply eyesahdow you have to first learn not to close your eyelids too tight. This can be difficult at first as the natural inclination is to close your eyes tight when an object is coming at it. Practice will over come this. Masscarra is another tricky area as again you have a long pointy object coming incredibly close to your eyes. Practice makes perfect. You'll also need an eyelash curler.

Just a few tips there. It's kind of hard to describe. There is a great video for this which has been mentioned in another thread.,1194.0.html

Hope this helps.

Good Journey,

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Re: Transgender Youth needs help with basic makeup.
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This is one website that might help.

For me I looked at what other women wore and tried to match the look on me. Cassies right with her suggestion that the makeup be understated. Foundations should match you skin colour and provide a matt start for the components.

Be careful with eyemakeup as it is easy to do yourself an injury.

A lot of the magazines directed at teen girls have very good advice as well.

Hope this helps



Re: Transgender Youth needs help with basic makeup.
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You may want to check out the wiki since it has a great article on makeup for beginners ( 

For individuals just starting out it can be difficult to find the right shade, type, or manufacturer.  It does get easier over time, but there is one thing that you should remember.  If you intend on wearing the makeup for any serious length of time, you need to get a quality product (it's not necessary to spend an arm and a leg, however, you don't want to get something of inferior quality... since your skin will pay for this).
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Re: Transgender Youth needs help with basic makeup.
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You may want to check out the wiki since it has a great article on makeup for beginners ( 

Nice one Kyle  :)

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