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creation myth
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I particularly love the creation myth in this religion. There are various versions, and a couple of them go something like this:

The Original Person was; In Essence Only, The All, The One, but residing strictly In Potential. *Being There*, and that's about the size of it, 'He' realized that This Was So Not Delightful, and, seeing that He was at least as big as a couple embracing, became just that. He and She made love. Of this Union, unto an Inhabitable Universe, Human was born.

OR: Maha-Vishnu, the Big One, The Primordial Vibration, lay still on oceans of cause, dreaming up Universes. He was So Not to be distracted from this pastime; All was Just Potential, and that was Good. No Worries. For better or worse, however, the Female Principle, Action, might be found lurking in the margins, trying to get His Attention. (Potential/Energy requiring Form/Matter, typa thing.)

Finally, He caught that Fleeting Glimpse out of the corner of His Eye.

The Big Bass Note, The One*, The Fundamental, began generating overtones (*: now aka The Many). Now, on that Causal Ocean, Ripples & Waves, now ripples within waves, eddies in wakes, began forming. And the Whole Dance did begin.

See, a God, a Male God, has his Shakti aspect, which is Female. (sometimes for 'simplicity's' sake the Shakti is thought of the God's Wife). A Goddess.

It's sort of a trans-y religion. Souls (see: Jiva) are thought of as Feminine, dancing to the bass line that is God.

See also: Wisdom and Means.

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Re: creation myth
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Be careful though on how you utilise the word 'myth;' many sincere Hindus have also been literalist in their belief systems. I would rather utilise the word 'story' or even 'pastimes' (lila, which also means 'play' being that such stories are the lila, the pastimes of God!).

I incline myself personally in seeing the creation, maintenance and dissolution of Krishna, or God, as in evolution. However, the idea that Maha-Vishnu's expansion in the universe as breathing out, and dissolving the universal manifestation as breathing in, as very applicable and beautiful!