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Price shock, aisle 5!
« on: August 24, 2013, 07:28:48 pm » that I'm stable-ish, and have my own place, bills caught up, food in the fridge...I was thinking I'd like to start sewing again.

I don't remember the last from-the-ground-up project, but it "seems" like it was a corset (costume element, not a real one)...but I don't remember when I did it. Maybe two years ago.

I started thinking about doing a quilt, or maybe a dress or blouse. I decided on the quilt, a Queen size Triple Irish Chain.

Ok, get the recipe out, and I need about 25 yards of fabric, in 4 different colors. Thinking of the last time I bought cotton fabric, it was about $4/yard. And, I still get 40% off coupons in the mail. Easy breezy, goin' to da store, gonna git me sum febric....

As I'm browsing, I see a "sale" sign...$1 off regular price ($6.99--$9.99).


Ok, well I still have the coupon...just have to cut back a little, can't get all four colors just yet. Decide to get the most expensive one today, because I can...and it makes it easier to get the lower-priced fabrics later.

Take the fabric to the cutting table, hand the person my precious 40% off coupon, and she says, "Oh, this fabric is already on sale; you can't use the coupon for it."

I was shocked, and peeved, even..."When did they change that?", I asked...she replied, "About december 2006."

The price + coupon thing shocked me...but the fact I remember *almost nothing* from then until May of last year (when I got my own place) is downright scary. (I am in therapy for this, btw)

Anyway...I hope to be able to have the quilt finished by the time I get FFS, about Oct of next year...

...I think for most of us it is a futile effort to try and put this genie back in the bottle once she has tasted freedom...

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