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Re: It's not multiple choice!
« Reply #20 on: December 15, 2005, 03:25:14 am »
The public sees us as all the same, just some with different needs, but we can all see the falsehood of such statements. We simply are what we are and we are all different in our specific thinking and actions depending on our moods and life trials.

Too true Terri,

The truth you talk of is that which we live and the agreement does not necessarily require understanding of each journey just that we are on a journey. At times we need to challenge our thinking and if there is a woman up to the task of challenging it is our Terri. As I know you won't so please continue not to let us get away with too much pride and sanctimonious behaviour myself included.



Re: It's not multiple choice!
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No problem Shelley.  The more time goes by, the more I think of years past other then how they have affected my thinking and reactions, eliminating the bad and making me more in touch with who and what I spent all to many years trying to forget and regress from as if it had never happened, though that is rather hard wometimes.  All that did nothing for me but make me miserable, no matter what I gained from it.

Just be sure that this is a true necessiity for me and I can only talk about how and what I feel.  anyone disagrees with any of it, just lay it back on me, I like discussing such issues as anything I learn is new and exciting to me, even when I eventually find my beliefs dead wrong in the end. 



Re: It's not multiple choice!
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I have to say sometimes I wait for your response to some posts. I think that a lively debate that doesn't get personal can really excite vibe of the site and you can then see it other posts in different forums.

(Heaven forbid that we become to soft and mushy >:D)



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Slow down take a deep breath. There is a lot to digest here. Take your time. The experiences of others doesn't have to exactly coincide with your expereince. The richness of expereinces here only serves to highlight the differences and the similarities of a diverse people. As is often said here YMMV(Your Mileage May Vary). Please dont get angry and frustrated. Just give yourself time. You will figure things out. For a lot of people that may take a lifetime for others... Don't be so hard on yourself.

Good Journey,