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Possible documentary opportunity FFS before and after
« on: October 14, 2016, 01:37:33 am »

I have had an enquiry from a person making a documentary to ask if anyone wishes to show their before and after FFS pics on television.

I feel obliged to counsel against doing this but if you are interested, contact me by pm and I will forward the contact information.

I work with two-time Academy Award winning documentary director Barbara Kopple. Barbara is in the finishing phases of a documentary about Gigi Gorgeous where we follow her through her transition. The film is quite good and 100% supportive of Gigi's journey. We have high expectations for the positive message the film puts across.

The reason for my note: We follow Gigi through her FFS surgery and are looking for some examples of others who have transitioned and have been kind & brave enough to share their before/after photos publicly. I am not certain what will ultimately make the final film but we do need to find 3-4 people that have transitioned and might consider allowing use of their before/after shots like those that have been posted on your website. It would appear on screen for approximately 3-5 seconds  (in TV that  is much longer than it sounds). We are wondering if you feel any of your members would be receptive speaking to us about sharing their photos.