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One of my stories I wrote
« on: June 08, 2018, 06:25:25 am »
Hi there,

This is a story i done a long while ago, i have loads more but this one is kinda short(ish) anyway hope you enjoy it :) my stories are just fantasy.

The Princess Party.

Once upon a time there lived a boy who was friends with a girl, when they went out to play the girl asked if he wanted to play dress up but not normal dress up, no she wanted to play princesses and she had the perfect dress for him.

"Come on, lets head inside so I can play I have the perfect dress you can wear" Bambi said
"But I'm a boy, can't we play something else" Kris responded
"Well we can play fairy's or ballerinas"
"No I guess princesses will do"

So once they were in Bambi's bedroom he was told to strip and put on princess panties while she got the dress and it was pink taffiea dress with beads on the bodice while Bambi was in the same style dress but in purple. Once dressed  Bambi teaches Kris all there is to know about being a princess from curtsying to eating like a proper princess, once playtime was over Bambi decided to have a sleepover
"Hey let's have a sleepover, you can wear my hello kitty nightdress if you like"

Kris thought what the hell he was already in a princess dress what little will a nightdress do, out of the dresses and into their nightdresses, Kris decided that they do each others nails, Bambi thought this was a great idea.
"Go and pick a colour" Bambi said
"Ok, I pick pink"
"Good choice, your nails will look pretty in this colour"
Kris laid out his hand and let Bambi paint his nails, he casually suggested that she paint his toes too.

At night Bambi whispered
"Did you like being a princess today?"
Kris didn't move all he could think of was how good it feels to have painted nails to his panties.
"Don't worry tomorrow you can act out your ultimate fantasy" Bambi whispers then kissed him on the cheek.

On the morning Kris had an epiphany, he really liked having painted nails it made him feel funny inside. He looked over to the bed next to his and noted Bambi was up, he got up and went down himself tats when he saw Bambi's mum there.
"Why hello there, don't you look pretty, Bambi's at school, do you want breakfast?"
"Yes please" Kris answered and thought she's nice.
After breakfast they went upstairs and Kris was told to pick out anything he likes out of Bambi's closet and it's his to keep. After much consideration he picked the princess dress he wore yesterday.
"That's pretty, why don't you put it on so I can see how pretty you'll look in it"
"I need a wee first"
"Second door on the left, but remember to sit"

The end

Let me know what yoy think :) <3
Kisses -K
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Re: One of my stories I wrote
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 05:37:16 am »
Nice work! It makes for a good blueprint for a longer story, once you flesh out the characters a bit and add more plot. A good beginning / intro chapter though ;-)

Please write more,
Jenna xx
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