Author Topic: Anyone have experience with dissociative disorders? (Multiple personality’s)  (Read 548 times)

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Anyone have experience with dissociative disorders? (Multiple personality’s)

My new trauma therapist mentioned it. Now I am wondering if I created a second female personality. For years sever stress triggered my cross dressing. I still always had this deep inner voice that never went away that I was female. Yet this has me now saying hmm?? Is this possible that I created a second female personality that I am now living out.

I know I have a little personality. Lego was my way of escaping the trauma I experienced and created a whole new world to escape it. Now my big 325 house Christmas Village is my escape.

I am wondering if anyone else had any advice or experience with this?

Hugs Rebecca


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I don't have any direct knowledge of dissociative personalities or multiples. However, i have long wondered if my transgender expression was also triggered by stress or developed as a safety mechanism when I was a young child, suffering abuse and trauma.  It always seemed that, as my life became more stressful, I would seek out expression as female.

But my therapist pointed out a few things to consider. The first is that many of us were expressing our transgender nature early on, say at the age of 3 or 4, and we were traumatized for it in one way or another. As a child, it would make sense to shut down or isolate that trauma by blocking it out, and anything associated with it.

The other point to consider is that NOT presenting and living as you feel you are IS extremely stressful on the body. Most people can engage in stress relief activities in their day to day, things that affirm their interests and desires and generally make them feel renewed is refreshed.  This helps with coping through all kinds of difficulty.

Being repressed, we've been denied these outlets and so during stressful times, we seek out ways to relieve and cope. Naturally, this can lead to cross dressing but really it is often about discovering ways to feel good and in your body, to de-stress, ways that have long been denied to us whether by our own inhibitions or by those around us.

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I had diagnosed Dissociative Identity Disorder.. everyone around me knew I was multiple personalities, except I did not until I started therapy.. DID is a horrible disorder that destroys your life.. Born from a childhood of severe trauma, usually before the age of 6..

I could not start my gender discovery before I had resolved my trauma..

this is a link to a thread on here that myself and other people suffering with DID contributed to.. it may give you more insight..  when I wrote these posts I was in the middle of dealing with my own DID..,176195.0.html

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I cannot say that I have ever felt this way. I have always felt that I was me (obviously) but that I needed to be physically different, somehow. When I was young, I did not know how to deal with this and I just withdrew into myself.

Later on, I tried to man up, but always something was lacking and I was never fully satisified with myself. When the internet came along, I discovered that there are many others like me.

Unfortunately, the psychologists of the day really did not understand gender dysphoria. Sometimes the psychologists would claim that we are really two or more separate personalities. I understand while this may be appropriate for some people, not everyone with gender dysphoria feels like this.

Rebecca, your psychologist must make a clear diagnosis of your specific condition. If your diagnosis includes a
dissociative disorder of any kind, you need to be aware of this. How this affects a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is a really good question to discuss with your psychologist.

I wish you the best and you get a diagnosis that you can live with. Take care.  :-*


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