Author Topic: Peritoneal flap vaginal healing ❤️‍🩹  (Read 517 times)

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Peritoneal flap vaginal healing ❤️‍🩹
« on: October 18, 2021, 09:53:29 pm »
Hi everyone

I did a regular vaginoplasty just over a year ago but only got a 2 inch vagina out of the deal.   So I went back in 4 months ago and did a peritoneal flap vaginal extension with the divinci robot.    All has gone well.   I now have (had) 6 inches of depth and feel great.   

The problem is I haven’t stopped bleeding 🩸 since the surgery.    The doctors have done many treatments of silver nitrate at first.   But I still have continued to bleed.    They told me not to move up in dilator size until I stop bleeding.   Fast forward 4 months and I’m still bleeding.  They gave me a topical steroid which I was supposed to use twice a day for 28 days.    The pharmacist said this stuff will thin out your skin and not to use it for more than 14 days.    No bother,  I used it for 3 days bleeding stopped and life was good for 2 days.   Then the bleeding started again.   

I used the steroid vaginally again.   This time for 5 days.  Bleeding stopped for 3 days and I kept using the steroid.   But it started to hurt.    So I stopped.   This time I was excited to see no more bleeding.  Two days of no bleeding.  And well you guessed it I’m bleeding 🩸 again.   

The doctors are talking about having me stop dilating.   I now only have 5 inches of depth.  Down from 6 inches.   I feel like the doctors don’t know what to do.     

Any suggestions would be lovely.   

Thank You!!!

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Re: Peritoneal flap vaginal healing ❤️‍🩹
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2021, 06:34:05 am »
Dear Michelle,

Peritoneal vaginoplasty is relative new territory for us and not many of us have had this procedure, but I can make a few general comments.

The Pharmacists recommendation about thinning of the skin with topical steroids is a general comment that applies to the skin on the outside of our bodies. Peritoneal tissue is not fully skin yet. It will grow into a wonderful lining for your new vagina, but this takes time for this to happen. If your doctors prescribed a topical steroid, it is most likely because of inflamation in your vagina, where a topical steroid is the correct way to treat this.

Follow your doctors instructions and keep in touch with them about your healing issues.

Speaking of healing, at 4 months post op, you are still in the middle of your healing time. This may take a little longer that we would like. For myself, after my CGS, I used a sanitary pad for about 6 months and after that a panty liner for almost a year.

Since you report that your bleeding has stopped and started a few times, it seems to me that you a beginning to heal. I would continue to dilate, but maybe with a smaller dilator that doesn't hurt so much. Be slow and gentle with your dilator. You do not want to damage new tissue in your vagina.

Again, follow your doctors instructions and take care.  :-*


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