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Indianapolis Area Gender Health Program through Eskenazi Health
« on: February 09, 2022, 09:47:39 pm »
I just want to give a recommendation for people living in and around the Indianapolis area. Eskenazi Health has an amazing Gender Health Program. It is the most elaborate and dedicated program in the state.

They offer mental health services, medication and physical health management, legal help, and surgery. Every one in the department is very trans friendly, always asking pronouns. Several of the staff are transgender or non-binary themselves.

I was initially told about the program a few years back, by one of my high school friends who works there. I was already with a primary care doctor who prescribed whatever I asked for. And at the time, I was dealing with a lot of stress that I wasn't ready to change doctors. A few years later, my health needs changed, and my primary doctor wasn't addressing those needs, so I decided to make the switch to Eskenazi.

I was put on a waiting list for the Gender Health Program, but was able to see a family medicine doctor for primary care in the mean time (you might have to ask for them to refer you, or contact the main switchboard to get sent to family medicine). I will say most family care and gender health appointments are scheduled months out, so if you're happy with your current primary doctor, I would remain with them.

Once you get the call from the waiting list, they get you scheduled for an appointment with a mental health therapist followed by an appointment with the doctor who specializes in transgender health.

My therapist was wonderful. That appointment just goes over your journey and goals as a trans person. If you haven't started the journey yet, she evaluates your mental and emotional state while asking about goals, and letting the patient know what services are offered. She charts everything so the doctor can review it before your initial doctor's appointment.

My doctor is also amazing. I finally found a doctor who knows more about transgender health than I do. This appointment was also more review of the hormones and any previous lab work you might have had done. If you haven't had recent lab work, she will require that before prescribing any hormones. Eskenazi uses Epic MyChart, so if you're coming from another provider that uses that, those records can usually be imported easily.

Since I had previous labs, we discussed my hormones, and she suggested switching me from the estradiol pills to injections or a patch, and said that dutasteride might no longer be necessary for me. I opted for the patch, and she sent the prescription over for me that day. She also asks about goals, and will also provide resources for fertility management if you're interested.

Eskenazi is an inner city hospital/health system, serving lots of patients. They seem to be understaffed, and I imagine covid protocols limit the amount of appointments they can take at any given time. The gender health doctor was supposed to take on everyone for primary care, but right now she is the only one there, so they recommend having your own primary care doctor (inside or outside of the Eskenazi system). The gender health program will takeover all of your hormones, and handle gender health issues, while your primary doctor will prescribe anything else you may need, and handle everything else. They are trying to get more staff for the Gender Health department, to cover the growing need.

Even though it took awhile for me to get into the program, and appointments are currently being scheduled out a few months, I am definitely glad I joined, and believe it is worthwhile. I'm no longer stuck researching and managing my own meds to have a doctor prescribe, and getting the bare minimum care. I feel like I have a team of advocates who are familiar with all the different aspects of being transgender, so all my needs will be satisfied.

Edit: Use Google Search Terms: “Eskenazi Gender Health Program,” to find the website which gives you more information and allows you to request being added to the waiting list.
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