Author Topic: Is there an Artist or Celebrity you admire, wish to be like, or identify with?  (Read 3779 times)

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I can't believe I admired Maria Sharapova! How immature and shallow  I was then! Such a stuck-up arrogant biatch pardon my French... I LOVE seeing her lose time after time vs. Serena now!!!


I mean, for the "wish to be like" part, it would be someone preferably in your target gender (MTFs a female, FTMs a male). If it is someone not in your target gender, it probably would not make much sense to look up to him/her, would it? For the admire and identify with parts, it could be anyone, but someone in your target gender would fit better as well IMO. I didn't mention it in the subject field, because there's no space for it!

It doesn't have to be only one, you could mention several people you admire/look up to, who motivate you to keep up your transition in full speed!

Well, seasons change, and likings too! These days I'm a bit shallow, so please bear with me!

My preferred celebrity TODAY is the bombshell tennis player Maria Sharapova.

I identify with her because she's 6'2", I'm 6 feet tall. She is athletic, tall and white --although very tan-- and me too --although not tan at all, I look like snow, haha--. She is cute (well, I'm not that cute, she's gorgeous, a goddess, but I feel I am at least a bit cute as well, although if I had a full FFS I'd take her pictures with me, haha!).

Also, from my most preferred movie, "Ghost World" I identify with both Enid and Seymour (the main characters) in their loneliness, their feeling they don't relate to 99.9% of humans, and in that it is almost impossible for them to find beings with similar interests and ideas. If you watch the movie, wait after the credits, the last scene is super-hilarious! EVERY TIME I watch it, I crack up like crazy, and I get a GREAT abdominal workout, haha!!!

So, who do you admire/identify with anyone yourself? Why?


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Holly Near!
It's easier to change your sex and gender in Iran, than it is in the United States.  Way easier.

Please read my novel, Dragonfly and the Pack of Three, available on Amazon - and encourage your local library to buy it too! We need realistic portrayals of trans people in literature, for all our sakes


Pauley Perrette aka Abby Sciuto ( NCIS )

Her character is a little quirky, but also highly intelligent.  Perrette, herself, is a civil and gay rights activist.  And like her character, she has a degree in forensics.


Sasha Alexander-also a character (Caitlin Todd) from NCIS. I know I probably never will but I'd like to look like her-she has a very pretty face. Then again, I also like Catherine Zeta Jones!!!

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I don't like the whole cisgender ideals. I hate the feeling that I should look to cisgender people as to how I should act or look like.

Elly Jackson form La Roux? Ooooor Justin Tranter from Semi Precious Weapons...



Well lately, maybe Hunter Parrish because he's my height (I think?) and so that's probably the most obtainable look after I get on T (wishful thinking here ;D). His face looks a bit young as well so again, probably more reasonable to aim for :).

Awkward times googling topless men :o....and I apologize if they're space-consuming ::).


I seem to look up to actresses - Kate Winslet at first, but also Cate Blanchett. Both have a presence and a style which I try to emulate myself. I do have a tendency to fall in love with Cate in every film she does, though. :P

Ultimately though, a celebrity I aspire to be.. has to be Scarlett Johansson. Sheer glamour. :)


ME!   :laugh:

Well more accurately I wish I was more of a celebrity but I am very happy looking just the way I do. (well ok for perfection I would defo shed a few pounds but you get the idea). I am hoping that if my writing ever takes off to any degree I might even achieve some modest level of celebrity or at least visibility.


There are no curretn selabrities I’d like to be like....physically.... as I’m pretty comfortable in ma bones....more so now with ma recent
But here are a few women that I like for there style, and uber sense of

Kristin Scott Thomas on the screen

Yeh baby...yeah....

Gawd I’m starting to think just so DULL!!


River Phoenix, James Dean, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe

very varied group of people

(i mentioned the 1st two, since I sometimes wonder what the perfect male is and they would be it)


Madonna is a very special person to me, she's symbolic to my life.


There are a few models/photographers I found on deviantart.... dunnno if i should post them here.

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Georges St-Pierre

I just think he's amazing and in my opinion he is the best MMA fighter out there. I admire his enthusiasm and passion for the sport.

And a few others I admire are David Mitchell 'cause hes the coolest, funniest and quirkiest guy ever. And Dani Pedrosa because he's 5'2" but can handle a Honda RC212V.
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OK. I realise this might be a bit corney, but I really identify with the girl in this video. When I first saw it, I so understood everything she was feeling and still do. It makes me quite emotional to watch it. (Plus, I'm a total cry baby).

For some reason, the video won't embed


Pauley Perrette aka Abby Sciuto ( NCIS )

I don't watch TV much (haven't for years) but she is one of my favorite TV characters of all time.

Madonna has always been a role model for me (I grew up in the eighties).  Imagine at a church youth group one night, everyone's having to say who their role model is, and I say Madonna.  Didn't go over well, lol.

As for male role models, Orlando Bloom, if nothing else because he's so hot and I wished I could look like that.  Then there's Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter).  Not just because I'm a huge HP fan, but he has also spoken out for gay people.   And, oddly, Einstein has always been a role model for me.  Yep, I'm a huge geek.  I'd still rather look like Orlando Bloom though.  :laugh:

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Well, rather than just giving the stock "here's the celeb i want to look like" answer, let me come up with a composite:

Talent - Olivia Newton-John
Aging well - Valiere Bertinaelli and/or Demi Moore
looks/type - Drew Barrymore (albeit maybe one cup size bigger)
Age/physical ability - Summer Glau
attitude/personality - Jewell Staite
Sex drive - Megan Fox? (Although Drew is probably pretty randy herself)

Disclaimer: due to serious injury, most of my posts are made via Dragon Dictation which sometimes butchers grammar and mis-hears my words. I'm also too lazy to closely proof-read which means some of my comments will seem strange.


Well, rather than just giving the stock "here's the celeb i want to look like" answer, let me come up with a composite:

Talent - Olivia Newton-John
Aging well - Valiere Bertinaelli and/or Demi Moore
looks/type - Drew Barrymore (albeit maybe one cup size bigger)
Age/physical ability - Summer Glau
attitude/personality - Jewell Staite
Sex drive - Megan Fox? (Although Drew is probably pretty randy herself)

Would you believe Drew had breast reduction surgery?  ;D


Namoli Brennet. I really like her attitude. She's so open-minded.

I'm really jealous of Ke$ha's looks. I want her freckles!!!

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Except for the fact that she is about 2' shorter than me, Suzi Quattro.  A strong woman who has done things her way in a tough industry right from the start, raised a family, and is a brilliant bass player. Also still looks gorgeous.
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Billie Joe (in the middle)

elijah wood

gerard way


There is an up and coming author that I really enjoy.  I have read some of her work although she isn't published yet.  She also has written a couple of screen plays which are really good and would make great TV movies at least.

Oh by the way her name is Jenny D.    :D

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