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Transgender advice: the best resources online

Started by Shana A, November 29, 2012, 09:33:03 PM

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Shana A

Transgender advice: the best resources online

A list of online resources for transgender people and their family and friends. Please add your own useful links in the comments

    Juliet Jacques, Thursday 29 November 2012 05.36 EST

Here is a selection of online resources for trans and gender-variant people, their families and friends. I've limited my selection to trans-specific websites rather than those serving the wider LGBT or queer communities – I hope you find them worthwhile. As trans men are often under-represented in the media, online communities and elsewhere, I have included a separate section for FtM (female-to-male) links to complement the wider trans resources, some of which are geared more towards trans women. Please feel free to add anything else that may be useful, including your own sites, in the comments section below.


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A comprehensive collection of online transgender resources, allowing people to add links/information themselves.
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i got initial info regarding transsexualism on a great website to start.


I was very excited to find this site while researching for Transgender related issues especially FTM.  Mostly its all youth and you tube here in the USA unless you find the pre/post op photos on a surgical site.  When I came across this page I was exhilarated that here in one place was a list of FTM resources.  However they were from the UK.  Not a bad thing at all unless you're an American.  Many companies no longer do business with Americans plus there is the confusion of the monetary notes themselves. We are not all world travelers who know the conversion rates and no all UK sites know either. It would really be great to have a list for US customers as well as other countries to make these businesses known and spread the word.  I'll admit I'm not the greatest internet surfer on the planet.  Seeing there is interest in other lists would be nice and possibly setting up partnerships form some of these businesses' with Susan's Place for advertising is also a great way to keep this site going.  Food for thought.  There is a huge crossdressers store, brick and mortar, near me that does internet sales.  I remember her and I just might remember her dead name even though it doesn't matter anymore.  She did it!  Lots of the ladies here would love some of her items, make up tips and accessorizing videos.  Maybe it would work.