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Started by kal, July 30, 2015, 08:58:33 PM

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(sorry if this is in the wrong category, wasn't sure where else to put it)

Recently I read the short story "Girl, You Are So Starstruck!" by Suzi Chase, I believe, and it was really amazing, definitely my favourite one so far. The ending was great!

Anyway, I wanted to leave a comment detailing just how great it was, but I noticed that I would have to leave my name, email and website? Esp. since I don't have a website...
I think that a lot more readers would comment if it were possible to leave a comment using our forum usernames/accounts. Forgive me if this feature is already available, but evidently not easily accesible?

This feature would be greatly beneficial to both the author and the readers and their interaction, I think.
Hopefully I am not missing too obvious an already present solution.