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Mass shooting at LGBT bar in Orlando last night! D:

Started by Lexi~, June 12, 2016, 03:44:52 PM

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I received word via my phone newsfeed that just last night there was a mass shooting at a LGBT bar in Orlando and im still receiving regular updates about the ongoing case. I thought you all should know about it.. ;n;

More info here:
New girl here. (Well in spirit at least.~) I do allow emails and Skype adds, but please make sure you mention that you're from Susan's Place if you contact me personally. I'm a bit of a scaredie cat when it comes to random adds and if I get an add with no reference to how that person found me I tend to fear the worst. Also please don't share anything I say in private. I'm still in the closet. Kay?


Texas Lieutenant Gov. said, "You reap what you sow."

Westboro said, "God sent the shooter."

Pat Roberson said, "At least no or very few normal people were killed."

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Quote from: BeverlyAnn on June 12, 2016, 05:09:17 PM
Texas Lieutenant Gov. said, "You reap what you sow."

Westboro said, "God sent the shooter."

Pat Roberson said, "At least no or very few normal people were killed."

to be fair this was the only story found to be valid one of two was misleading and the
a fake story

The Inquisiter/By Danny Cox

Snoops/By David Mikkelson

CHRON/By Jessica Hamilton Updated 1:37 pm, Sunday, June 12, 2016


We took our family with us this year to Pride, like we do every year. My youngest is 17. She said "Maybe we should not go to anymore Prides this year". We usually go to several in our state, it's a family tradition and vacation time for us. How is this even ok for people to be so hateful? 
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Quote from: Feminator on June 12, 2016, 10:37:08 PM
My youngest is 17. She said "Maybe we should not go to anymore Prides this year".... How is this even ok for people to be so hateful?
I went to three different pride events and multiple support groups in my town over the past few years, and I was just thinking the same thing that your daughter was. I honestly think if everyone would just mind their own business and let people "be", the world would somewhat progress. But no, that's not the human race :( .
To be who you want to be 
and generally happy,
 is better than to be who you're not 
while living in mental pain.


I live in Orlando. I have been stuck in a daze all day listening to my local radio station, 104.1, have an unscheduled broadcast by all the hosts from their normal weekday talk shows coming together on their day off to provide preempted coverage and an objective discussion from 8am till 9pm on this massacre.

I have had an uneasy, overwhelming feeling the whole day. That this happened here, in my own town... that someone I know could have been involved. I've never been there, but as a local, I still feel indirectly affected. It's a feeling like what I felt after 9-11- mostly irrational worries, but also the want to mount up and do something about it. I do not like this feeling of being defenseless, helpless, and miniscule. You don't have to be at an incident to feel the aftermath.
Quote from: HuffPost Queer Voices on Sunday, June 12 at 11:10am
Hate crimes against LGBT people haven't dissipated since the arrival of marriage equality and have in fact been on the rise in recent years. While we still know very little about this morning's brutal massacre at Pulse in Orlando, this terrible tragedy is a reminder of the threat of violence against LGBT every day, and that we must always remain vigilant.

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I have dear friends in Orlando who posted they were okay and are giving blood. I knew they wouldn't be there because they have small children and aren't out that late. But I'm worried about their day to day safety because as gender non conforming people they are harassed in Orlando A LOT. We have so far to come in understanding and accepting each other.  :(


It seems like when anything like this happens ministers, personalities and politicians jump on the bandwagon and the honest loving concern for the wounded and killed gets ignored. When people are killed and wounded it is not the time to voice the foolishness some have.

Whether they be gay or straight, trans or cis it doesn't matter. They were someone's son or daughter, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter. They were loved by someone and some scum took their life. It's disgusting that they were targeted and just as disgusting that ministers said what they did.

My condolences go out to any here who had relatives effected. May the Lord bring the wounded a fast healing and comfort all who mourn.

Sadly, the people who have come into our country for this purpose love pain, suffering, bloodshed and death. They get their perverted joy from raping and murdering the helpless. That ought not to be. I would hope that those who can legally defend themselves against these people would do so. The police stand down when told to and there is just too much coming against the citizens now which shall get worse. I hope everyone here stays safe.

May God bless.