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i cannot reply to private messages can someone help?

Started by Alexa08, September 27, 2016, 12:13:01 PM

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I recently had someone private message me today, the message shows in my inbox but it Denys me access to reply to this message, I'm reasonable new to the forum signing up yesterday, receiving advise, guidelines and rules which i spent a hour going through yesterday to ensure I'm abiding by rules, terms and conditions, however i am still unable to respond to any message. any help with this situation would be appreciated.

Many thanks



PM function becomes available once you have made 15 posts.

See here for more details:,114.0.html.


One thing to keep in mind: Posts made for the sole purpose of getting to 15 can result in those posts being removed:-)



ok thank you for the heads up :), and also the advise.



I've got the same problem here, though I've been here for a few weeks.  When I reloaded the page and logged back in, it asked me if I wanted to few a new private message, and I selected ok.  It opened into the inbox message list, but nothing was there.  I still have on the line options, where it says, "Home, Help, Search..." My Messages [1].  What is the 1 doing there if there's nothing to view?  Also, there was no email alerting me to a new PM waiting in my inbox. 


Hi Mohini -

the issue with the "1" unread message is being looked at. There are several reports of this and I had the sam thing this morning. I was able to clear the "1" by clicking on "Actions" and then "Mark All Read" (it is above the "Date" column).

Do you still have trouble sending PM? You should be able to. If you still have trouble, please let me know and I can ask for someone to look into this for you.

Hugs - Sarah