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A little info about Ellen...

Started by Ellen, February 02, 2006, 11:39:05 PM

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a little info about ellen

Me in general I am a woman in the wrong body but i am working to change that by become the woman I was meant to be I was born intersexed 47 chromosomes, in Bayonne NJ. now living in Phoenix Arizona USA
I have three beautiful children age 25, 27, 29 and three wonderful grandchildren 6 and 9. and 3 months
I served in the U.S.A.F. for two enlistments have been almost everywhere during that time.

My plans I am on Hormone replacement therapy since Nov. 8, 2004, and wish to get Sex Restorative Surgery in the hopefully near future to complete my life.

My Rape I joined the air force at age 18 because my father wanted to make a man out of me.
And during basic training, two or three days before basic ended, in the middle of the night i had a pillow placed over my head and was held down and raped by four men. i never knew who they were, and I never told anyone about this, and have lived with the shame since 1967 ,I only told my therapist this about Dec.6 2004, and I am now brave enough to put the info here.

i guess both my parents knew from an early time that i was not a normal ,male, first of all because i had surgery when i was born to conceal my vagina, i only found out about that jan 2005.

i never realized that they knew , but the clues where all there
my mum would give me panties to wear when she was behind on laundry , and i had a pair of girls jeans for playtime with a zip on the side
and one day she found my stash of girls clothes in a small suitcase and she and my dad said look what we found , it looks like your sister is planing on running away . but they didnt tell this to my sister or brother, just to me.

And my teacher in kindergarden called my mum in because i woundnt bow in the rehearsals for the play only curtsey.

My brother caught me dressing a few times , and when i was about 13 i would go trick or treating with no real costume but a mask and a fright wig
and when i got outside i would go to the shed and change into a dress and tights and shoes etc .and comb the wig into a pretty style

My brother keeps asking me if i will write an autobiography , mostly because i neved talked about my military service i guess, but the real reason i cant write it is because i cant let my children read about my rape when in the air force, i think i would die if they knew

Also my brother chose my name for me "Ellen"by using the last letters of my old name
bruc(E) michae(L) bxxxx(N) ELN = Ellen

I love the people here that have helped me so much

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Kate Thomas

Thats a very touching story. Take Care
"But who is that on the other side of you?"
T.S. Eliot