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Live BBC1 debate on gender with yours truly ;)

Started by Rachel Richenda, February 07, 2017, 04:17:22 AM

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Here's a live TV debate on BBC1 in which I participated this weekend. It's a bit of a bear pit atmosphere but hopefully I stayed cool ;)

I'm Rachel by the way :D



p.s. very evident that I've only just started the voice training!


Thanks for sharing Rachel.  Very similar debates going on around the globe, which I believe is healthy...even if we don't agree with every side of the argument.  I thought it was quite impressive on how many viewpoints were touched-on in such a short time.

Btw, I think you did wonderful in your time allowed, you kept it very mature in an environment that could have boiled over.
- Staci -


Thank you for doing this, Rachel.  We need more folks, and more straightforward representation out there.

That couldn't have been easy.  All the classic characters were there; the nice TERF person, the Outraged Housewife, the "I found a study" Guy, and so on.  You kept your cool, not easy, and I thought the moderator did a good job in spite of the task at hand. 

Thank you!

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Thank you so so much for your words of encouragement Michelle and Staci x


Well done. I don't know how you can stand being in the same room with some of those people, let alone keeping your cool.