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Started by sarah1972, August 22, 2017, 01:13:19 PM

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Just saw a few weather station graphs from the solar eclipse and though about starting a weather thread..

Anyone else I to weather observation? What equipment are you using?

Here is my crazy list:
AccuWeather 5 in 1 Station (to be replaced by a Vantage Pro soon)
Meteobridge appliance feeding WU, Ambient and CWOP, Twitter and Facebook

PurpleAir outdoor air quality monitor feeding WU

Boltek D250 lightning detector, currently not feeding anything (except alerts on Twitter and Facebook)

And since it is so much fun, I also have an ADS-B Decoder feeding into FlightAware and a few others...

I usually publish a monthly time lapse from my web cam on YouTube.

Still need a bit of time to custom build a software to better publish the collected data.



And here is my eclipse temperature graph...



I don't have any equipment of my own but I have been paying particular attention to the weather this year. I've been observing the subtle patterns between it and the condition of the sea, which is why I'm doing it - to get the best conditions for diving and fishing. I've been using some detailed seagoing and surfing sites that monitor windspeed, temp, sea swell and wave speed. I've started being able to associate clouds and temperature without the site with sea conditions. Very useful.

Probably the most interesting thing about it all is the macro regularity but the infinite variation day to day in the things you encounter. We've had a pretty wet summer here too, unlike last year.
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I studied Meteorology for a summer between eighth and ninth grade while I was tucked away at a Baptist Boarding school in the middle of Nowhere Tennessee.  I still use some of the knowledge I learned back then today, although I don't have any equipment to monitor or forecast the weather.